Triggers…the Other T

We all have triggers – things that hijack the way we think and the things we do. I have been in “triggered” mode for months. A couple of months ago, out of nowhere, a long term client sent me a letter terminating our factoring relationship.  This client was a complete joy to work with.  They are savvy business people, with a fascinating … [Read more...]

T is for Transparency

I have been seriously remiss in my writing for the last couple of months. I figured out why. I am on “T”. My spreadsheets of words for this writing experiment are supposed to be about dogs and business.  The only “T” word I have wanted to write about is neither. And, while my politics and life philosophies seep into everything I write, … [Read more...]

More on Stacking…the same S

In my first post on this topic (Stacking), I chose to go the route of kitchen analogies because, well, I was thinking about my mom and because there is so much that goes on behind the click-bait ease of these loans that I didn’t want folks to get bogged down with all the finance-geeky details that I thrive on. I like to keep things simple. Today … [Read more...]

S is for Stacking

Growing up, there was a rule – under no circumstances did you go in mom’s kitchen when she was cooking.  If you made the mistake of entering her kitchen, you got “the look”. I am just like my mom (on this topic and many others - that is another story).  I have a system.  I plan what pot needs to go on the stove and which pan is going in the … [Read more...]

A Little Rant…the Other R

Bear with me folks; I am on a bit of a rant. Today’s rant?  BSL – Breed Specific Legislation. Despite science, common sense and a history of failure, Montreal recently passed an ordinance banning pit bulls and “pit bull-type” dogs after a fatal dog mauling incident that occurred in June.  The ordinance, that was set to take effect on October … [Read more...]

R is for Rescue

I have written about rescuing and fostering (Fear, Fostering, Heart, Hindsight, President).  Every time I take on a foster, I wonder if this is the time I will have to make hard choices; if this is the time I am in over my head. The last week has been that and so much more uncertainty.  Not only was I sure that I was in over my head; I once … [Read more...]

Quagmire…the other Q

Per Miriam Webster, a quagmire is “a situation that is hard to deal with”. I have a quagmire. I have been utterly hijacked since the sentencing of Brock Turner, and the release of Emily Doe’s victim impact statement to the public. I stand in solidarity with Emily Doe. Her words are powerful, painful, real, and necessary.  Her … [Read more...]

Q is for Quid Pro Quo

Q words are hard to come by.  The Q column on my spreadsheet was bare. Q. Ach and I recently went visiting and stopped by my insurance agent’s office.  Ach LOVES visiting his office – everyone adores him and he loves being adored. While Ach was being adored, my agent and I were chatting about my conference in Scottsdale and my hot button … [Read more...]

Postcards…the other P

I have just returned from the annual IFA conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Conference is my Factor-geek fest.  I see friends and colleagues from around the country and geek out on all things Factoring for a couple of days. I also tack on a day or two for vacation.  It is how I am seeing the United States. Tuesday morning, friends picked me … [Read more...]

P is for President

As we find ourselves knee-deep in the political season, a title like President could make you think this is about the upcoming election. No.  I steer clear of politics. I want to tell you about Calvin, aka:  Mr. President. It is probably best that I not discuss the details of how Calvin happened to end up in my car. Calvin, … [Read more...]