Jones…another “J”

“There is truly nothing better than a simple lifestyle. Trying to keep up with the crowd is guaranteed to complicate your life.” ~ Edmond Mbiaka There was a time when I looked out at my driveway and saw a Mercedes and a Cadillac. I opened my wallet - a dozen platinum cards fell out. I was on airplanes several days a week. I had an expense … [Read more...]

J is for Justice

Social media is absolutely crazed with blogs, articles, comments, opinions, pictures and more than a smidge of vigilantism over the killing of Cecil in Zimbabwe. There is not a single human with internet access who is unaware of what happened and the fall out from Dr. Palmer’s “sport” of choice or his decision to break numerous laws, across … [Read more...]

Integrity, the other I

This past weekend, I kept a promise I made 30 years ago to my BFF. We attended our 30th class reunion. We promised that we would go to all reunions that ended in -0-. We tried to talk ourselves out of going…right until we were walking in the door Saturday evening. We went because we would not break that promise. We had fun. Win. On … [Read more...]

I is for Image

I don’t really follow professional sports. I did, however, watch the last three games of the NBA finals this year since the local team was playing. The Warriors played like champions and deserve the title. After game six, I posted on Facebook that I felt bad for LeBron James of the Cavs. As he walked to the locker room, I didn’t see … [Read more...]

Hindsight…another H

When my mentor challenged me to do this writing exercise (Challenge), it did not occur to me how reflective it would be…how far I would dig into the stories and events that produced the lessons. I am pretty sure HE knew. He just didn’t tell me. He is sneaky like that. We say that hindsight is 20/20 – that there is perfect clarity in looking … [Read more...]

H is for Heart

So, I get to “H” and “Heart” is one of my words. I immediately think “Oh man, people are going to expect something about love – and gooey emotional things”. Not my gig. I felt stuck. Not stuck at all…It’s all about “Dog and Butterfly”. “Dog and Butterfly” by Heart is one of my all time favorite songs. All. Time. Favorite. I know all the … [Read more...]

Glass Ceilings…the other “G”

I have slammed into the glass ceiling a time or two in my career. The last time was so blatant that I was stunned speechless. My boss gave a substantial raise to my male counterpart because “he has a family to support”…as if I didn’t…and as if that was even reasonable. I firmly believe in equal pay for equal work/experience. The problem, … [Read more...]

“G” is for Gastric Bypass Surgery

While presenting at a BNI Visitor Day recently, there was a man in the front row that looked familiar. When the visitors introduced themselves, I knew. Afterward, I asked him if he and his wife had sold a house in Antioch 15 years ago. His eyes bugged a little and he said yes. I smiled and said “I bought your house!” Cool story, right? The … [Read more...]

The Final “F”…a Little About Factoring

I spent last week in New Orleans at the IFA’s (International Factoring Association) annual convention. Translation – three days “geeking-out” on all things factoring, with some really fun vacation time thrown in. Factors from all over the world come together once a year and talk about stuff, learn stuff, share stuff. We spend a couple of days … [Read more...]

Fear…Another “F” Word

At some point, Factoring will be the “F” word I write about. Really. Today though, “F” is for fear. Not “Scary Movie” fear. Not “Situational” fear. I am talking about creeping fear that becomes so normal we don’t recognize it as fear. An old anecdote… If you place a frog in boiling water, it will jump out. If you place a frog in cold water … [Read more...]