Outsider…the other O

There are times when we all feel like outsiders in our own lives – like our world belongs to someone else. In December, the beloved dog of one of my childhood friends died while at Petco, waiting to be groomed.  My friend, Joe, and his wife have been trying to find out what happened.  They are being stonewalled by Petco with inconsistent … [Read more...]

O is for Opportunity

"The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work." ~Anonymous In mid-2007, I was sitting in my sister’s front room at her computer, trying to ignore the conversation that was happening between her, her ex-husband and their son.  My nephew, then 19 or so, had just lost his job and his parents were trying to help him … [Read more...]

Negative…the other N

A week or so ago, I was taking my niece to school early for tutoring in math.  I asked what they were working on and she said they were just getting to negative numbers and she was having a hard time.  I tried to explain how negative numbers work in math.  All I could come up with was “just remember, a negative times a negative equals a positive”.  … [Read more...]

N is for Natasha

In Hindsight, I told the story of my first experience with dog rescue and the case that started it all.  While that is true, of dogs, my first rescue was Natasha. I stole Natasha.  She lived next door to my little studio apartment, had just given birth and was so malnourished that she would eat garbage and regurgitate it to feed her kittens.  It … [Read more...]

Mo Money

Today is Black Friday.  Today is the day we spend money and push our credit cards to the limit so we can celebrate finding that great deal. I shared a meme on Facebook the other day that said “If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it”.   This particular truth is personal for me.  I know from experience that living “all cash” is virtually … [Read more...]

M is for Money

It makes sense that “M” would be for Money, right?  I mean, I am a money person.  I deal with money all day long - my money, investors’ money, client money.  It is all money, all day. I HATE money.  OK, that is not entirely true. What I hate is how our relationship with money, both good and bad, affects everything we do. I believe there are … [Read more...]

Loans, Lending and Lenders…the Other L Words

In my post, Image, I told the story of Gandhi’s first Halloween. It was funny how my puppy was perceived so differently by parents (Oh, no, it is one of those dogs) and children (Look, Fang!), when really, he was just my very sweet natured, goofy puppy. Factoring is kind of like Gandhi on that first Halloween – it all comes down to the … [Read more...]

L is for the “L” of LDI

Funny thing happened when I arrived at “L”…LDI wasn’t on my list. And really, isn’t that one of the main points of all of this? To talk about LDI? Sure, I have been writing about business. Sure, I have been “talking” about LDI…how we started…what makes us different. The little known truth? There would be no LDI to talk about without the “L” that … [Read more...]

K.I.S.S…Another K

About a month ago, my house was burglarized. Smash and grab. Probably kids. All they took was jewelry. The only “damage” was my front door. It had to be replaced. Replacing a door seems easy. You measure the door you have. You go purchase a door the same size. You hire someone to install it. Simple, right? The replacement of my front door … [Read more...]

K is for Karma

Cosmically, Karma is “the principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’s deeds in the previous incarnation”. (Dictionary.com). “K” is for Karma. It is a word that is tossed around a LOT (Let karma sort it out. I have good karma. Oh, look what happened to them…they must have bad … [Read more...]