LDI is based in Antioch, California and supports many businesses that have selected invoice purchasing as an option for improving cash flow with great success. We are a direct funder – not a broker – meaning we have the money to buy your invoices without a third party.

The ideal LDI client is a business owner who is proactive in dealing with all aspects of their business. We understand the challenges that you face and stand ready to help you reach goals in a reasonable and cost-effective manner. We also understand that being in business can often be unpredictable and chaotic. As such, we operate on a very fast timeline to assist you in meeting your obligations.

Commercial Janitorial Company

Oak Grove, CA

LDI Growth Partners represents exactly what their name says; They are the kind of financing institution that grows with you with a partnership mentality. We respect and appreciate all that is LDI Growth Partners. Thank you, Melissa and Lena, for coming through like no bank can!

What can a client expect from LDI?
Our primary focus in the review process is the viability of the client company and the strength of their customers. Our ideal relationship is one of collaboration with our clients, sharing our knowledge and resources. However, we also understand that many clients prefer that we act as the “secret cash flow weapon” that is tucked in their back pocket until they need us. Because we tailor each financing program to your needs, we are able to help those who might otherwise find it difficult to find financing. We understand that every industry presents challenges, so we strive to learn and know what those challenges are in order to better service your business.

You can expect:

  • Individualized service and tailored financing program
  • No minimum requirements
  • No term limits
  • No hidden fees
  • Privacy and security – always!

Whether you are utilizing our services for a short-term growth spurt or a long-term cash management tool, it is completely up to you to determine the length of time you’d like to use our services.

At all times during the review process, prospective clients are dealing with a decision maker at LDI. As a result, neither side has to deal with the sales v. operations conflict. If promises are made during the “courting process”, those promises are kept during the administration of the relationship.