The Challenge

In early 2014, I was challenged by my mentor to write a book. His challenge was quite specific. He challenged me to write a book combining my love for and experience in the Factoring industry – specifically the unique space LDI Growth Partners works in – entrepreneurial factoring, and my love for and experience raising, training and rescuing dogs – specifically large breed working dogs – even more specifically, Cane Corsos .

Without so much as a passing thought, I accepted his challenge and went on to promise him that the book would be published before my 50th birthday. As the words came out of my mouth it felt like a LONG time away. It’s not…

In January 2015, I realized I better get serious and decided to start this blog. I reached out to a very eclectic group of friends and colleagues around the country and asked for input. One of my besties responded that I should blog the ABC’s, with each letter corresponding to a word or term and I would have to make that word or term apply to both factoring and dogs. I sent that concept out to the same group of people.

The list I got was…eye opening! I definitely have my work cut out for me. I am not entirely sure how it will all pan out.

“A” seems a no-brainer…Accountability – the reason I am “forced” to do this, and, of course, Acheron, my Cane Corso.

Stay tuned!