LDI Growth Partners Can Purchase Your Invoices for Cash this Week.

LDI Growth Partners offers a simple business solution. Keep your cash flowing with a personal, reliable, and knowledgeable factor.

Quick Financing Solutions

We pay you cash for your customer invoices within 24 to 48 hours.

Customer Service

We see ourselves as an extension of your finance department and act accordingly.

Privacy and Security

All client information is kept in the strictest confidence. 

We are who you need when you have accounts receivables on the way but need cash in the bank...now.

LDI Growth Partners is a factoring firm. A factoring firm provides accounts receivable financing to businesses that need instant cash. Essentially we buy your outstanding customer invoices and pay you cash for them with 24 -48 hours. If you need a short-term influx of cash for payroll, taxes, repairs, seasonal help, or expansion, then factoring may be a good option for you.


LDI Growth Partners represents exactly what their name says; They are the kind of financing institution that grows with you with a partnership mentality. We respect and appreciate all that is LDI Growth Partners. Thank you, Melissa and Lena, for coming through like no bank can!

Commercial Janitorial Company

Oak Grove, CA

LDI is great! As a small business owner, their support was just what my company needed. I was unsure of where I could get proper financial backing and LDI stepped in and provided what I needed and they are easy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend them to others.”

Private Transportation Contractor

Vallejo, CA

“LDI is a critical part of our staffing business. Without access to the capital they provide, we wouldn’t be able to fund the payroll of our slow-paying municipal clients. Receivables Funding is a must-have for any staffing agency or small business that needs access to capital in order to get the job done right before your invoices get paid.”

Staffing Company

Discovery Bay, CA

I’ve been with Melissa and LDI since 2010 and they have been nothing but the best partners you can ask for. Working in construction, capital is king. There have been many times when LDI got me thru some tough situations and came through in the 11th hour to ensure I could continue to grow my business. LDI gets 5 stars from me!!

General Contractor

West Sacramento, CA

Melissa & the LDI team were instrumental in keeping my business thriving! Without their support & knowledge I 100% can say I would be out of business. Thank you LDI for bridging the gap!


Antioch, CA

LDI Growth Partners’ financial partnership helped us grow up our business into the multi-million dollar business it is today. Not only have they provided the financial support we needed to grow our business, they have been there to provide advice and assistance on various business matters. No bank we have dealt with over the last 10 years has been able to give us the service, dedication, respect or financial assistance that we have received from LDI. They have truly been one of the biggest blessings in helping us overcome the many obstacles small business owners face in today’s world.

Solar Window Film Installer

Brentwood, CA

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Use our site to educate yourself on the benefits of factoring and how you can get cash now! If you need a short-term influx of cash for payroll, taxes, repairs, seasonal help, or expansion, then factoring may be a good option for you.

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