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The BNI Foundation is changing lives by improving circumstances for children facing instability that affect their educational opportunities. Now we wo [...]

I believe an entrepreneur is either working in their flame or working in their wax. When they are in their flame they are on fire. The are excited abo [...]

Read these five reasons why weekly meetings generate double the amount of business of groups that meet twice a month. [...]

BNI, the World’s Largest Business Network, Announces Strategic Investment to Accelerate Global Growth & Innovation. [...]

The submission for BNI Video Contest 2019 is now open! Share your stories with us and win the ticket to 2019 BNI Global Convention in Warsaw, Poland [...]

Visitors, whether they join or not, are a value component of the BNI experience. BNI Member Alyssa Gross reinforces this notion with her BNI Success S [...]

All Members leave their own personal legacies with BNI. It's important that we capture and detail their experiences. Especially from those who ar [...]

There is no one requirement to creating balance in your life. However, there is one truth, and that truth is that the quality of your life depends on [...]

The Foundation is ready for a successful 2019 U.S. Conference. In addition, representation continues to grow worldwide! [...]

On November 8, 2018, one of the most devastating fires in the U.S. history broke out in Butte County. While many BNI Members and families were affecte [...]

Amogh Giridhar is a proud Member of BNI Symphony in Bangalore, India. He is also a Support Director Consultant helping launch new chapters. Read his s [...]

We all need help at times. Anyone who might be struggling with a serious mental health crisis should contact trained professionals right away. We all [...]