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With nearly 3,000 Members and Directors in attendance, BNI’s 2018 Global Convention in Bangkok, Thailand was an incredible achievement for the organiz [...]

Read this story detailing how Dr. Misner's supposedly no-win situation turned into a win for everyone. [...]

An organization’s brand is a representation of how individuals perceive them. It’s the source of the promise that they make with their customers and f [...]

The BNI Foundation had a wonderful 2018 Convention and would like to thank you for all of the support received throughout 2018. [...]

Incredible stories of success, both personal and professional in nature, are ubiquitous among our BNI membership. They are also, quite often, unique a [...]

Are your chapter members experts? If they are, spread the word to help find them referrals! [...]

BNI is known to have members who love to make a dramatic splash during their weekly presentation. It’s a staple of the organization. [...]

We know that networking is about farming, not hunting. It is about planting seeds for the future. [...]

So, you want referrals and you want them now? Well, you can’t have them – unless, you’ve built meaningful relationships with your referral partners fi [...]

List of sessions that will be broadcast LIVE on BNI's official Facebook page during global convention. [...]

Matamata Chapter of BNI New Zealand welcomes their Prime Minister [...]

Are you entering information into Connect in a timely and accurate fashion? Are you a member of your chapter’s Leadership Team and tasked with enterin [...]