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BNI VT Givers Gain newsletter article September 2020John Jacob, Business Wealth Builders City BNI, South Burlington, Vermont I recently celebrated my [...]

by: Erin Perrin, Mortgage Expert with Academy MortgageQueen City BNI, Burlington, Vermont We’ve all heard the saying “glass half empty or glass half f [...]

We are very excited to present to you the upcoming BNI® Growing Forward Together™ World Tour. This event is the first global live event in BNI’s 35-ye [...]

We are in the process of restarting in-person BNI Chapter Meetings in regions where local conditions make it possible to do so. The post Restarting In [...]

I am thankful that my work and personal travels have allowed me to experience many things and learn a great deal. One lesson that has truly resonated [...]

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Because of the pandemic, the world’s a crazy place to live in right now. Most all of us are quarantined and confined to quarters. But that doesn’t mea [...]

“A Week of One Million Thank You’s” stories from various international BNI leaders The post Thank You’s – Across the World appeared first on BNI. [...]

Together with BNI members, the BNI Foundation identify schools that have been most affected by the Australian Wildfires and establishing a support net [...]

Successful Membership requires a commitment to Giver's Gain and a willingness to trust. Read how this has guided 25-year Member Debby Peters. The [...]

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