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100% of all money raised for or donated to the BNI Foundation help boost your local communities. How many foundations can make that statement?! [...]

Claudia Bautista, a two-year Member who has used BNI to help pave the path forward, build confidence and become and inspiration for those facing the c [...]

István Hirt, a two-year Member, who has embraced the concept of Power Teams, has used it as a launching point to build an entirely new initiative with [...]

Setting goals is vital to measuring success. Adding an extra level of visibility can ensure that you not only achieve them, but exceed them. [...]

As entrepreneurs, we are not only our biggest advocates, but our biggest critics. And when we push our limits, we often sacrifice our peace of mind. S [...]

When diverse personalities come together, opportunities abound. Each one is unique, but sometimes, there are those who need the extra push. Find them, [...]

As entrepreneurs, we have an innate desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others around the world. And we have the opportunity to do just t [...]

Christopher Bulin, is no stranger to a new environment. From the American Midwest, to the American Southeast, his career has instilled a mindset of ad [...]

What is the BNI foundation? If I wanted to get involved, how can I? These are good questions which are addressed in this month's update. [...]

The active sharing of information is vital to the establishment of successful relationships. Use the G.A.I.N.S. exchange as a guide, just as these mem [...]

Josh Hilton, an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses grow through visual media, takes us through his journey of Membership. [...]

“What goes around, comes around” may seem simple, but with networking it's more complex. It's rooted in relationships and establishing trust [...]