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BNI’s 2021 Master Connection Global Convention has transitioned to a 100% virtual event. Join us for The World’s Largest Networking Event We’ve created a whole new experience in virtual networking. You will have the opportunity to make connections with businesspeople from over 70 countries and earn your certification as a BNI Master Connector. We’ve made […] The post The World’s Largest Networking Event, BNI Global Convention 2021 appeared first on BNI. [...]

Two people sitting in a room, at the same table, having the same meal at the same time, can actually be worlds apart.  “How?” you ask.  Because they look at the world through a different lens. I love astronomy and I’ve learned that by choosing different lenses or filters for my telescope, I can literally […] The post Choose The Lens You See The World Through appeared first on BNI. [...]

In 2017, I was sitting in the back of a senior leadership meeting for BNI.  The group was talking about the future of the organization and what we saw ahead of us as opportunities and challenges.  Someone from the group looked over at me and said, “you’re the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, what do […] The post Networking In-Person, Online, or a Blend? appeared first on BNI. [...]

Givers Gain® is not only a great way to get business; it’s an even better way to do business.  This is why BNI has made it our principle core value in our networking organization. Giving has many cultural and legal differences around the world. In some cultures, giving is seen negatively, yet it is a […] The post Applying Givers Gain in Business appeared first on BNI. [...]

By Dawn Lyons, BNI Executive Director San Francisco Bay Area The number one question we receive is “how do we grow our chapter?” Well, the answer is simple, sponsor new members into the chapter. That’s it! That is the ONLY way to grow your chapter.  Your chapter WILL grow when your members sponsor more members […] The post The Sponsoring Mindset appeared first on BNI. [...]

I learned about “Murphy’s Law” in graduate school.   It basically says that “what can go wrong, will go wrong.”  Although this law feels very pessimistic, there is value to it.  It gives a framework for people to look for the flaws in their thinking.  When one does that effectively, it’s easier to address potential issues […] The post Misner’s Corollary to Murphy’s Law appeared first on BNI. [...]

I ended the year with a humorous graphic on my social media that said: Dear 2021: I don’t want any trouble from you.  Just come in, sit in the corner, don’t touch anything, and keep your mouth shut. Although it was pithy and pretty funny, there is an important flip side to this sentiment.  That […] The post 2020 – Finding the Good in Bad Times appeared first on BNI. [...]

After four decades in the business world, I have found that these three concepts truly summarize an entrepreneur’s recipe for success. First, you must be passionate about what you deliver to your customers and clients.  Nothing great in life has ever been accomplished without passion.  This starts by making sure you (and your team) are […] The post Passion, People, Process appeared first on BNI. [...]

Recently, my assistant, Dana made a couple suggestions to me.  Afterwards, she asked if I minded her giving these suggestions. I immediately said that not only did I “not” mind her ideas, I actually wanted her to share them with me.  I then told her the following story about an experience I had many years […] The post We Don’t Pay You To Think! appeared first on BNI. [...]

The world can be a dark and contentious place. Illness, famine, poverty, hostility, and desperation are all around us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The world can be a better place. We can make a choice — a choice to be a voice of change, a change that can transform the world […] The post Givers Gain® is Transformational appeared first on BNI. [...]

By: John Jacob – Member of Business Wealth Builders City BNI, South Burlington, Vermont Article originally featured in the September 2020 Givers Gain® Monthly, a BNI Vermont e-Newsletter I recently celebrated my three-year anniversary with BNI and I can say that I am most passionate about the one-to-one process! Not only is it the most […] The post Pure Joy in One-to-Ones appeared first on BNI. [...]

Is there room for intuition in business?  Yes, most definitely.  Decades ago, I may not have thought that, but over the years I have changed my opinion and believe that intuition can be another tool in the business toolbelt.  The definition of intuition is the “direct perception of truth or facts, independent of any reasoning […] The post Is There Room for Intuition in Business? appeared first on BNI. [...]